Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Seth takes a leap

Seth took a leap...literally.....out of the crib! One night a couple of weeks ago, Kevin came in late. I had already put Seth down for the night. Seth wasn't quite asleep when Kevin came in. Seth started getting excited when he heard Kevin's truck and then again when he heard the front door open. Kevin peeped into Seth's room said hi and he told Seth to lay down and go to sleep. Later on, we (Kevin, Eli, Luke, and I) were in the living room just hanging out before the older boys went to bed. We could hear Seth in his room. He was jabbering and walking around in his bed. We were all minding our own business and then all of a sudden we hear a loud THUMP and the sound of cries wailing from Seth's bedroom. I jump up and go in there and found Seth on the floor. He checked out fine. Nothing broke, cut or damaged. Just needed some TLC from his mom and dad.

Up until then, Seth was sleeping in the crib and Silas was in the cradle in our room. We really didn't have a plan on what we were going to do when Silas out grew the cradle. I know. I know. We have had 13 months (9 month in utero and 4 months since Silas was born) to get a game plan together. But we couldn't decided what to do. Two cribs, one crib and a toddler bed, one crib and a twin bed, one crib and bunk beds (for the future). Seth little leaping episode was the push we needed to make a decision. Seth's room is the smallest room in the house so whatever we decided it had to fit in there.

We decided on option 2 - a crib and a toddler bed. So the Saturday after Seth's failed attempts of flying, we went to buy a toddler bed. I am glad we went with that option because anything else was going to be too big for the room. We actually had to move the glider rocker out of the room.

The blanket and pillow case Granna made and gave to Seth for his birthday matches the bed perfectly!

This little boy is even still in his sleep. He needs a king size toddler bed to have enough real estate for all of his tossing and turning.

Funny story about his first couple of nights in the bed...

It was late Sunday night when Kevin finally got it together. The "Made in Vietnam 25 minute project" was actually closer to 2.5 hours. Maybe not quit that long but it was late none the less. Seth fell asleep in the pack and play while Kevin was working on the bed. So when we got it all situated in the room, we picked Seth up and put him in the bed. Kevin went and sat in his chair to unwind before he went to bed.

If you know anything about Kevin's sleeping habits, you know that Kevin + recliner + after 8 pm = Kevin asleep in the recliner. Actually the recliner is the X factor that can be any variable in the equation...couch, floor, etc.... But I digress..

So Kevin falls asleep in the recliner and stays there for the night. At 4:30 in the morning a little 2 year old wakes him up by climbing into his lap.

The second night in the toddler bed, a girl from church spent the night with us to go to work with Kevin since it was Spring Break. Hannah loves going to the sale barn with Kevin so anytime she is out of school she tries to work with Kevin. Hannah was sleeping on the couch in the living room and at 3 am Seth wakes her up by beating on her with both of his hands.

Now at this point, I wonder if he is going to stay in bed a whole night.

Night #3 ...

We made sure all doors were securely locked before we went to bed. I told Kevin that either he or I probably needed to sleep in the living room instead of the bedroom just to intercept Seth in the wee hours. But we didn't. Several things (children and animals) that night caused me to wake up and get out of bed. Each time I got out of bed I check on Seth. I think the second time I woke up, I actually found Seth asleep on the floor. I picked him up and put him back in bed. That is as far as he ventured that night.

Since then (knock on wood) he has stayed in his bed all night long. We do have to wait until he is good and tired before we can put him to bed. If he isn't nearly on the verge of falling asleep, he will get out of his bed and start playing with his toys. The music to his toys alarm us that he is up and playing and not asleep. So those drive you crazy noisy toys do have a purpose other than driving adults bonkers!

Seth is a little stinker for sure but he is a sweet stinker!

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