Thursday, March 18, 2010

4 months already!

It is hard to believe but Silas is 4 months old this week. He is such a joy to have around. The big brothers adore him. Seth will find one of Silas' pacies laying around and say "Baby" and take it to him. Silas likes his pacies but he has grown fonder of his fingers in recent weeks. Now you can find him with two fingers in his mouth and pacie laying on his shoulder. **Sigh** While he looks sweet sucking his fingers, you can not throw away fingers like you can pacifers. I will have to consult my Aunt Donita on how she finally broke my cousin, Andy, from sucking his thumb.
Andy was very, very, very fond of his thumb.

I took Silas for his 4 month well visit on Tuesday of this week. He weighed 13.3 pounds which put him in about the 20th percentile for his age. He was in the 75 percentile in length measuring in at 25 3/4 inches long. Dr. DeLisi suggested that we start feeding him rice cereal. I was a little surprised because he told me with Seth that they were now recommending starting solid foods at 6 months. Dr. D said that the rice cereal might "beef him up". When Silas was born, he weighed 9 lbs 12 oz. -- 4 ounces short of being a 10 pounder. If you would have told me that day that we were going to have to "beef him up", I would have laughed in your face!

As developmental milestones, Silas is doing good in some areas and lacking in others.

On the good side we have:
  • Silas has discovered that the Good Lord has given him hands. He loves to look and play with hands.
  • He has also discovered that those same hands can grasp things. He loves grabbing at this toys on his play mat.
  • He also "talks" and interacts with us. If you talk to him he will flash his million dollar smile at you.

I love playing with my hands. They are really neat!

On the needs work side we have;
  • Can not hold up head while on his belly
  • Does not push up with his arms while on his belly.
  • Rolling over --- well that is iffy -- he has rolled over once but now he just rolls to his side and stays there. If he gets a little too close to rolling over, he cries!

This is belly time........
He cries for a few seconds and then he finds his fingers and off to dreamland he goes. I contacted Ms. Sallie from ECI, she has worked with Seth, about Silas not being able to hold up his head while on his belly. She told me a couple of things to try to encourage him to hold his head up while on his belly. (And didn't I tell you the pacie would be pitched to the side and the fingers in the mouth.)

Promoted to the big bed!
This week we moved Silas out of the cradle in our room into the crib. Look for an upcoming post on Seth's new digs!

Many times Kevin and I look at each other and just shake our heads in amazement of what God has done. We are truly amazed at just how good the Lord has been to us by blessing us with four boys. Kevin asked me recently if I ever imagined having four boys with him when we first started dating. The answer, of course, is no. I never dreamed of anything as wonderful as this!


Ashley & Chuck said...

Wasn't Andy like 15 before he stopped sucking his thumb?? hahaha JK He is going to kill you for putting that on your blog!!

On a nicer note, Baby Silas is such a cutie. He's getting to be such a big boy! Oh, and I never thought Karis would be as petit as she is when she was born either.

Andy said...

SHERRI!! What the WHAT? ASHLEY??? 15???? Are you kidding me?!?!?!?!?!? :) :)

Ok....I was a little too old...2nd grade I think. And mama had to put yucky tasting liquid on my thumb for me to stop. Not only could I not suck my thumb, I couldn't eat well because the icky stuff would transfer to my food when I picked it up. You know me....once I can't eat, I'll do about anything, even if it means NOT sucking my thumb! :)

Thanks for the update on Silas! He's a cutie!!

(By the way....I'll find some way to get both of you back!) :)

The Dickeys said...

If you only had read what I originally wrote Andy!!!! It was something similar to Ashley's comment only you were a little older! I decided that if I did put that line in you might actually get in your truck and drive to East Texas and cause bodily harm to me!


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