Monday, September 15, 2008

For the Grandparents - Preschool Choir Singing at Church

This post for Nana, Poppa, Big Daddy, and Granna so they can see their favorite three year old grandson singing (even if it is just for a few short seconds). They sang "I Can Do All Things" and "Lord I Lift Your Name on High".

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Puppet Show

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Benjamin Rabbit played by Eli Dickey

Luke Sidney Dickey Rabbit played by Luke Sidney Dickey

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

This week at the Dickey Primary School we are learning about the letter m. We went to the library yesterday to check out books that would enhance the letters that we will be studying over the next couple of weeks. Today we read If You Give a Moose a Muffin by Laura Numeroff. After the moose eats all the muffins, gets ready to go to the store to buy more muffin mix, and sews a button on a sweater, he wants to make sock puppets like he and his grandmother did when he was younger. When I read that line, I remembered that my mom had bought sock puppet kits for boys over a year ago (if not longer). I dug them out and after we finished all of the school work, we made the sock puppets. The boys enjoyed making them. The eyes and ears of the puppets are having technical difficulties staying on (the fabric glue isn't gluing to the fabric). I am sure that once fix the problems we will have a puppet show just like the moose did in the book!

By the way, there are several books in Numeroff's If You Give series. If you have preschoolers I highly recommend these books. They will be a big hit because they are cute and silly.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Kevin's Birthday

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Yesterday was Kevin's birthday. We didn't get to do anything big because it was Sunday and he was on call. Bless his heart, his day was FULL of different ministry commitments and he was called out to the clinic for an emergency. But he wouldn't have had his Sunday any other way. He enjoyed getting to minister to so many different groups. We tried to celebrate it as well as we could. I made a cake for him and took it to our Bible Fellowship group and the boys also decorated a cake for their daddy.The character on this cake is from 321 Penguins, from the creators of Veggie Tales. There are four penguins on the show - Fidgel, Midgel, Zidgel, and Kevin. Guess which penguin this is!
The more sprinkles the better!

The boys and I went shopping Wednesday night after church to try and find Kevin something for his birthday. Eli and Luke really wanted to get him a Transformer or Star Wars toy. Eli just couldn't understand why I would let him get his daddy a toy that he (meaning Eli) really wanted. Then they wanted to get their daddy either the Transformer or Star Wars movie on DVD. I also vetoed that idea. I suggested a new shirt or something of that nature. Well the selection was slim so that idea fizzled. I just decided we would look another day but Eli was upset that we didn't buy his daddy anything. As I was checking out at Wal-Mart Eli was looking at the end cap that was near the checkout. He brought me a Colgate 360 Sonic Power toothbrush.

Eli said "Momma can we get this?"
"For what, sweetie? You don't need that." I said
"I want to get it for Daddy's birthday." replied Eli

I gave in so the boys gave their daddy a very nice toothbrush for his birthday! They were so excited about giving it to him. You should have seen the look on Kevin's face. He didn't expect to a toothbrush but he loved it as if it was what he always wanted!

Our family is so blessed to have such a godly man as the head of our home. We love you Kevin!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

On Labor Day, little Mr. Seth turned 6 months old. A half a year old. That is hard to believe. It doesn't seem like it has been 6 months since that Saturday morning I got the call from Dr. Martin saying that we needed to take the baby because he was in danger.

Seth went for his 6 month well visit on Wednesday. He weighed a whooping 16 lbs 9.5 ozs and was 26.25 inches long! He was moved even further up the growth charts. He is in the 50 percentile in length and somewhere around 35-40% in weight for 6 mo. old boys. He does have some developmental delays mainly in gross motor skills (like rolling over) but the doctor isn't worried about it. But he is on target in social development. Seth has learned that his hands can grab things. He loves grabbing his piggy on his exersaucer and loving on it. The down side of this newly found development is he has started grabbing my hair! He has also turned into a drooling monster. The boy has more drool than any one baby should. He keeps his clothes and bibs drenched all the time. I guess this is the early stages of teething.

Since Seth was early and we had just moved to our house, we didn't have his room ready. I had planned on setting it up during Spring Break when our family could come down and help me. We spent Spring Break at the hospital with Seth. I tried several times to get the room ready by myself over the past 6 months but I would get a good start and then get pulled away to tend to the boys or to the rest of the house. So for the past five months (he was in the hospital for nearly a month) Seth has slept in our room either in the cradle, bouncy seat, or with us. He is the first one that has slept with us. He is growing bigger and becoming more active so he was taking up what little space we had left in our double bed (yes, Kevin and I sleep in a double bed). Kevin and I (especially me) were ready for him to get his own bed. So last Saturday when our family was down for Luke's party, my sister in law, brother in law, mother in law, my mom, and I put Seth's room together.

Seth's first experience in his exersaucer earlier in August.

Seth finally has a room that is set up and ready to use!
We are getting good use out of the denim and gingham red bedding and Raggedy Ann and Andy decorations.

Thank you Aunt Christi, Uncle Charlie, Nanna, and Granna for helping Mommy set up my room. I love my bed!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Luke's Birthday Party

I am a week behind but what else is new? Last Saturday we had Luke's 3rd birthday party here at the house. It was actually a combined birthday party with our new Children's Minister's son, Greg, who turned 5. Both Luke and Greg's parties were cowboy themed, were scheduled for the same time, and we both invited some of the same people so we decided just to combine the parties and have a big ol' time.

Luke's cowboy cake.

Cowboy Luke opening his presents.
The little cowboy wanted to play with everything as he opened it.

Cowboy Greg Compton turned 5!

Luke was finally able to play with one of his presents. This chainsaw wasn't tied down to a box so he took the opportunity to start using it. He is trying to get rid of stump in the back yard.

Birthday boy Greg opens another present.

Luke loves his blanket that Granna made for him.

Greg and Luke blowing out their candles. Greg's dad, Bryon, made his cake. It was a cowboy hat. Very impressive! The cowboy hat did get bucked around on the way to our house but it didn't effect the taste!

Luke eating his cake topper that was made of candy chocolate.

The guest watching Luke and Greg open presents.

Kids waiting on cake. I guess Brooke decided that she wasn't a cowgirl and made her cowgirl hat look more like a gardening hat!