Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Potty Talk


Since Luke is potty trained now, he enjoys calling us to his room after he has been in bed for 10 minutes or so to tell us that he needs to go potty. Eli does this as well. We are trying to stop the habit. They like to go to the bathroom together and look at magazines and talk - Eli on the big potty and Luke on the little training potty. It is pretty cute but night after night, it gets old.

Last night they both used the bathroom right as they got out of the bathtub, or so I thought. When we put them to bed, I felt sure that we wouldn't be called back in for a potty break. Well just as Kevin and I settle in and try to relax, we get the call.

Kevin walks back to the boys' room and I hear him tell Luke "Mommy said that you used the bathroom before you brushed your teeth."

Then I hear "Luke, I better see some tee tee in that toilet or you are going to get a spanking."

Kevin stays in the bathroom to monitor the situation. He will not let Luke have a magazine or any of the bath toys to play with. So our little clown, starts making funny faces. Kevin just stares at him. Then Luke's face starts to show signs of the "poo poo face". As Luke is straining, he looks up at Kevin and with all seriousness says "I think an egg is coming out."

Kevin bites his bottom lip and has to turn around and walk out of the bathroom to keep his composure. Sure enough, Luke did have to go to the bathroom!