Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eli's 5th Birthday

Eli celebrated his 5th birthday on April 16. I made strawberry-vanilla pancakes the morning of his birthday. Kevin went into work a little late to enjoy the birthday breakfast. Since his birthday fell on a Wednesday, we took cupcakes to church for him and his friends to enjoy during Mission Friends.

But according to Eli he didn't have a birthday until he had his party. We invited his friends and their families to Eli's Jungle Book birthday party. We had the party at Daingerfield State Park on Saturday April 26. We served hotdogs for lunch and, of course, cake and ice cream for dessert. Everyone enjoyed the afternoon. Several took advantage of the lake by going fishing and paddle boating. Some went hiking, while some played on the playground.

Eli's birthday cake

This is the cake after Kevin put 6 lbs or more of hotdogs on top of the cake box. Mowgli and Baloo ended up mutilated. I was not a happy camper when I saw it. I came close to blowing a fuse! It might have altered the looks but it didn't affect the taste.

Playground fun

Hotdog Chef or a wannabe Beatles band member? Hard to tell with that shaggy hair!

Just hanging out enjoying the day.

Eli had PLENTY of help opening his presents.

Boys playing with the golf set given to Eli.

Oh and while on the subject of Eli, he lost his second tooth a day or two after he turned 5. And yes this tooth as well turned into money.

Friday, May 30, 2008

The four legged members of the Dickey family

Sorry it has been a while since I have posted anything. It isn't from the lack of news or photos. It is mainly from the lack of time! These three boys keep me busy. I am exhausted by the end of the day. I promise I will post somethings about the boys later. Kevin has all the pictures on his laptop (another reason for the post delay). But for now I will update you on the new four legged members of the Dickey family.

Meet Podoe, the stray Catahoula dog Kevin brought home for the clinic.

A day or so after Bonnie was run over, Eli announced that he wanted a boy dog and he was going to name him Podoe. So as soon as Eli saw the dog, his name was Podoe The Doedoe Dickey. Podoe is probably the laziest dog in East Texas. His favorite past time is laying in the flower bed. He doesn't even get excited about the wild hogs coming in our yard. He may not be much of a guard dog but Luke and Eli both say Podoe is their best friend. Aaahhhh..

Meet Sally, Mowgli 1, Mowgli 2, and Mowgli 3

Sally and I have a lot in common. We are both are mothers to three boys (actually Sally had a couple more but they didn't make it). And a lot of times, I feel like Sally in this picture. All three boys needing something at the same time. Our pet namer, Eli, got her name off of the movie Cars. All the kittens were named Mowgli after the little boy in Jungle Book. We are just hoping that the Mowglis and Sally will keep the mice (or in my opinion rats) away.

Meet Summer, the Blue Heeler Puppy

Kevin couldn't go with out his favorite type of dog. We got this puppy last week. She is 8 weeks old. We finally named her yesterday. For the past week she has been Summer for a couple of days and then called Blue Belle a few days. Kevin couldn't make up his mind so he let Luke pick the name. Luke picked Summer. This is our third heeler and all three have been named after the city that we got them from. We got her in New Summerfield, TX, thus the name Summer. I think Summer is going to be a good dog for all four of the boys.