Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! --- I am making a post!!!

Since it has been ages since I have posted, I thought I would back track a little and bring you up to date on things I have wanted to post about. Then I will post about more recent things!

April 2009


We spent Easter at home this year. For Easter lunch, our friends, Josh and Becky Tanner, invited us and another couple over to their house. We enjoyed getting to sit and visit with our close friends for the afternoon. Becky is the hostess with the mostest! She makes Martha Stewart look shabby!

Beck took our family picture before we left. It is next to impossible to a picture of all of us without someone having a goofy face!

I included this picture just because it was a sweet picture of Seth. When we picked Seth up from the nursery after church, he had on different clothes due to a exploding diaper. Beck was kind enough to to wash his outfit for me. See I told you she was the hostess with the mostest!

Sharing the News

In April, we made it public that we were expecting our 4th child! I know everyone has heard by now, but I had to included it the happenings of April. Baby #4 is due November 18. Right now I am 22 weeks pregnant. Everything is going well with the pregnancy. To answer your questions, no we don't know yet if it is a boy and girl and we want know until the baby is born. Seth has been the only baby that we found out the gender with. I actually like the suspense, even though it drives our families crazy. And no we aren't necessarily trying for a girl. A baby girl would be great but another boy would be wonderful as well. I actually think Kevin is hoping for a girl more so than I am.

May 2009

Mother's Day

This past mother's day, Kevin tried to surprise me with a special gift of pictures of him and the boys. But he found quickly found out that getting three boys ready, out the door with all needed props for pictures, going shopping for coordinating outfits, and having the pictures taken all in a mornings time, is not for the faint of heart. I found out about the pictures because Kevin had to call me to come pick up the boys at the state park where they had the pictures taken because he was running late for work. When I got out of van to get the boys, Eli yelled "Happy Mother's day!" So the cat was out of the bag!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures.


The first weekend in May we went to Arlington, TX for a Vet Conference. We got to go to a Ranger's game. We left the game early because a bad storm was on the way. Kevin got most of his CE hours in that weekend and the boys and I got to go shopping.
All three boys sported a different Texas Ranger hat. Luke - a batting helmet, Eli - huge foam cowboy hat, Seth - a baseball cap.

Isn't he cute with his pacifer and bball cap!

The next weekend, Kevin and I went back to Arlington for a Homeschool Bookfair. Kevin's parents were supposed to keep the boys at our house for us but Kevin's mom had been put in the hospital earlier that week with food poisoning. So at the last minute, we got my parents to keep them for the weekend.

The bookfair was a two day event but we only made it for one of the days. We found out why it is a two day is HUGE! There were information sessions given throughout the day on different topics. There were a few that I would have like to have gone to but we simply didn't have enough time with only being there one day. We really thought we would be there for three or four hours tops but we ended up staying ALL day just browsing through curriculums and deciding that what would work best for us.

That about sums up the end of spring for us. We have had a extremely busy Summer so far and hope to post on those events soon (which means within three months!).