Sunday, February 28, 2010

More Snow Pictures

Here are some more pictures of the snow we got on the Feb. 12 and 13. Kevin took these pictures early Friday morning. As you can tell when you compare these pictures to the ones where we were making the snowman, quite a bit of snow had melted in just a few short hours.

This is behind the shed at the back of our yard. Lots of snowy chicken wire!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An East Texas Blizzard!

Last Thursday and Friday we got 6 inches of snow! It snowed all day Thursday but it wasn't cold enough and it didn't accumulate very well. But Thursday night/Friday morning the big storm blew in and it was below freezing so it accumulated! It was so pretty! The older boys were so excited about the snow!

Thursday we went to a Valentine Party that our homeschool group hosted at a roller rink. We played in the snow a little that day but not a lot. Friday, I was mean and made Eli do school first before we went outside. I know it was a once and a lifetime opportunity for him to play in that much snow but we had missed so much school that week and the week prior due to illnesses. It took us two weeks to get one week of work done! So around lunch on Friday, we finally got out and built a snowman. By then the snow had started to melt. I had planned on building a HUGE snowman. But I quickly found out how much work building a snowman is. Add to that chasing a 23 month old in the snow from going to the back yard and keeping the dogs away from the 3 month old, and building any size snowman proved to be quite challenge!

Seth had a hard time walking in his rubber boots.

Eli enjoyed throwing snowballs! And yes, you are correct, he doesn't have on gloves. All we had for him were work gloves. He didn't care one little bit though.

Can you see Silas?

Mr. Snowman and the boys!

Thanks to the Valentine party the day before, Mr. Snowman had facial features! As soon as me and the two younger boys went inside, Poodo, our dog started eating the candy. When Eli came in about 5 minutes later, he said that he ate the rest of the candy to keep Poodo from eating it. I looked outside not long after he told me that and saw that Mr. Snowman had been decapitated. The dogs had taken Mr. Snowman's head with the toboggan on to try and find more candy. I guess dogs have a sweet tooth too!