Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Entering Week 28 - Pregnancy Update

Tomorrow I will be in my 28th week of pregnancy! Only 12 more weeks to go!!! The pregnancy to going well. Only minor things to complain about like a little heartburn here and there and sciatic nerve pain.

I went to my doctor last week and he ran several tests. I had my glucose tolerance test, blood work to check my thyroid, and an ultrasound to check the baby's growth and development. I had gestational diabetes with Seth, so I am at a higher risk for having it again. An ultrasound was what caught the low amniotic fluid problem that I had while carrying Seth. As you can imagine, I really wanted to know the results of the these two tests.

My blood sugar was 126 after having to drink that awful sugary orange flavored drink they give you. That is within normal limits so I do not have gestational diabetes this time. Praise the Lord! After having numerous ultrasounds with Seth, I know what to look for when they are calculating the amount of amniotic fluid. So I didn't have to wait to hear from the doctor's office for this part of the report. My fluid level was at 19.2 cm, which is great! I was so relieved. I prayed the whole time during the ultrasound that it wouldn't be a problem. And the Lord answered my prayer! With Seth, my amniotic fluid was half that when they found the problem. The baby is growing great. The baby weighs approximately 2 lbs and 10 oz., if I remember correctly. I don't think Dr. Mason is planning on anymore ultrasounds since all is well.

My thyroid test did however present a problem. My thyroid level is under 1.0. Dr. M wanted to lower my dosage of thyroid medicine. Once he found out exactly how little I take, he decided to take my off the thyroid medicine all together for the next month. In a month, he will retest my thyroid to see what the level is after being off the medicine for a month.

We resisted temptation again and didn't find out the gender of the baby. Kevin and I think it is fun not knowing but the grandparents and the baby's aunts don't appreciate the element of surprise like we do!

We don't have any names picked out either. Kevin has always made naming a baby hard but this time he is making it extremely hard. Here are his request/guidelines
  1. The first name has to be a Biblical name and the middle name a Family name. I tried to talk him into a Family Bible combo name and I got a speech on how God comes first then Family.
  2. The name has to have a good meaning. Remember the post where I talked about him praying the meaning of the boys names.
  3. He wants the family name to come from his Dad's side of the family. Eli is named after my dad's grandfather, Luke after Kevin's mother's dad, and Seth is after my mom's grandfather. So you see that Kevin's dad is the only side we haven't used. My argument is his sister's son, William Joseph, is using two names from his Dad's side. And two of the best names from that side I might add.
  4. He thinks the Biblical name should be a New Testament name. Eli - Old, Luke - New, Seth - Old, Baby #4 - get the picture.
Now you can see why there isn't any names picked out. So we are likely to have the baby and still not know what we are going to name him or her. I think we should just name him or her Eli Luke Seth, because I call the roll as it is when I am trying to call one of them.

I have tried four times to scan my favorite 3D ultrasound of the baby. My scanner keeps locking up. I will keep working on it and try to post it later so you can see the little sweetie!