Friday, November 28, 2008

Heaven is a little sweeter

Heaven became a little sweeter last Saturday night, November 22, when Nanny, my grandmother, went home to be with her Lord and Savior. She lived a long full life that she used to serve the Lord. She used her love children and cooking to further the Kingdom. She taught Sunday school for over 30 years and kept children in her home. She also served as the food committee chairman at her church, Brister Baptist Church, in which she made sure that everyone that had been in the hospital had food. She also made the bread for the Lord's Supper for the church. She made her house a home by making everyone that walked through the door feel welcomed and loved. I miss her so much already but I know she is much better off. Her heart doesn't have problems working now and she is walking tall on the streets of gold without her back being all humped over due to osteroporosis! What a legacy she has left for us!

2003 with Eli

2005 with Luke

May 2008 at the Rehab Hosptial in El Dorado, AR with Seth. She had just had hip replacment surgery.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You might be a Redneck if...... kill a wild hog in your backyard.

Last night as I was getting the two older boys ready for bed, Kevin calls me to come with him outside to hold the spotlight. There was a wild hog in the pasture at the back of our house. So with my steady spotlight holding hand, I aimed the red beam right at the target. Then with a pull of the trigger, Kevin brought the beast down. The boys were in the house, so after the shot, I went in to check on them. They were excited and wanted to see the hog. Kevin went down in his truck and got the hog. It ended up being a boar (male) that was pretty big and had a very fowl smell. The pig probably weighed somewhere around 150 lbs.

I am sure this will not be the last wild hog kill at the Dickey house since the hogs are about as plentiful as field mice.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Celebrations

This past weekend, we traveled to Hot Springs, Arkansas to have the annual Dickey grandchildren pictures made. Kevin's sister, Christi, was under the assumption that and her son, Will's baptism was the reason for the trip. Little did she know that we had planned a 40th birthday party for her. Saturday, the 8th, was actually my father-in-law's birthday. So his birthday was the cover up for her surprise party. We had her friends that were invited to meet at a restaurant in Hot Springs at 5:30. Christi thought that we were going out to eat for Bro. Joe's birthday. The Dickey's were already at the restaurant when Christi, Charlie, and the boys arrived, along with three sets of friends that could make the event. Her friends put their menus over their faces and when she walked in lowered them and said surprise! And Christi was surprised! Kevin and I were late getting to the party because instead of going to the picture session and going to the restaurant with the family as we had planned, we went to Little Rock to see Nanny. I am glad that we were able to go see Nanny and make it to the party.

This is a picture of the napkins that I used for inspiration for her cake. I thought the napkins were cute and fun. Not over the hill drab

Here is a picture of the cake. I thought the cake turned out looking like a gay pride flag rather than like the napkins. Everyone ate it none the less.

Christi and her 40th tiara

Reading glasses were the only "over the hill" gift she received.

To end the weekend, Sunday night, Will, our 5 year old nephew was baptized. He asked Jesus into his heart a couple of weeks ago. It was such a blessing to get to see the Lord at work in his little life. His cousin, Robert (from the Zumwalt side) was saved after the service. So it was a great service.

Oh and we did celebrate Bro. Joe's birthday as well. He didn't mind giving up "his day" for his baby girl!


Please be in prayer for my Nanny. Last week, they had to readmit her to the hospital for congestive heart failure. After a day or two in the Magnolia hospital she was transported to the Arkansas Heart Hospital in Little Rock, to be close to her heart doctor. After a series events over the weekend, Dr. Beau, her cardiologist, is suggesting that she be placed in the Hospice House in El Dorado. She will be transported their either today or tomorrow. She will have 24 hour care at thie facitility and it will be closer for the family. I would also ask that you remember my Dad, Troy, and his two sisters, Joyce and Donita, as they make, sometimes not so easy, decisions regarding Nanny's care. Nanny's heart is very weak and it is just a matter of time before she goes home to be with her Lord and Savior. Thanks for your prayers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

8 months old

This past Saturday, November 1, Seth turned 8 months old. To make the day special, Seth cut his first tooth! He also ran his first fever over the weekend - just in time to ruin Mommy's plans of enjoying a day at First Monday Trade Days in Canton with her sisters and mom. I think he had a virus because after the fever broke, he broke out with a rash. He is fine now. He is already working on tooth #2.

Here are some notable things that Seth has done in the past month.
  • Rolled over - he rolled from his back to his belly two or three times and that has been it. He tried it and I guess he doesn't like it!
  • Said his first word - DA DA - of course he said Da Da first because Kevin wakes up with him two and three times a night every night. Oh wait a minute....that is ME - MA MA- who gets up with him every night.
  • Ate his first solid food - he spit, spewed, and cried the whole time. Decided to quit and try again later. Couple of weeks later - he made faces and then refused to open his mouth. Now I would spit and spew at rice cereal too but I even gave him applesauce and bananas. So for now we have stopped and will try again in few days. I called the doctor and he to just keep trying and that if he was still having problems at 9 mo. we would worry about it more.
  • Cut his first tooth - after what seemed like months and months of excessive drooling.
See what I mean by excessive drooling!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Hallelujah

I promise that I am not going to post a video of Eli and Luke every time they sing in church. But this one of Luke's preschool choir is so cute because they made guitars out of cereal boxes to play along with the country hoe down music of the song. They sang this past Sunday night, November 2.