Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Hey everyone,

We've created this site to provide updated information on Seth and his progress, but also to let you know what's going on in the Dickey family.

Seth Benjamin Dickey was born Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 4:39 p.m. in Longview, Texas. As most of you know, this came as a bit of a surprise to everyone. Seth wasn't due until mid-April, but we were reminded of how there are just some things out of our control. However, we are commanded to "fear not" and that our wondrous Heavenly Father is in control of every little detail of our lives.

Sherri had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes about six weeks ago. Her condition was effectively controlled by modifying her diet. The condition can cause the baby to grow very large, especially in late gestation, so her obstetrician ordered ultrasound exams of Seth every two weeks to monitor his growth.

On February 21, her ultrasound showed the baby to be doing great, but her amniotic fluid (the fluid the baby is surrounded by in the uterus) level was lower than it should be. She was hospitalized for rest and IV fluids. A recheck the following Monday showed all was back to normal. No problem, right?

Last Thursday, she went back for a recheck only to find that the level had dropped to an unacceptable level again. She was hospitalized again, this time until delivery with ultrasound exams every other day. The only problem was her due date wasn't until April 17. Eli, Luke, and I were looking at the possibility of my cooking for six weeks - YIKES!!! This is where our Bible Fellowship group mobilized like a military squad. (Personal note: If you live anywhere around Gilmer, Texas, and you need a bunch of crazy people to get all up in your life and love you unconditionally, I encourage you to check out Adult 1 Bible Fellowship at First Baptist Church Gilmer. WE LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH!) Anyway, the second ultrasound, performed on March 1, showed the amniotic fluid level had dropped to a critical level. Seth had to be delivered by c-section that day. I was at work when Sherri called me about 9:15 Saturday morning. Saturdays are typically very busy at the vet clinic, and this day was proving to be no exception. But after she called me and said we were having a baby today, my work was done. So with a waiting room full of people and a parking lot full of cars, I bid my staff farewell and wished them a good day.

Well, we are at McAlister's Deli in Longview, and Sherri says she's tired and ready to go. I'll finish my story later...