Monday, March 1, 2010

2 years old already!

It is hard to believe that our little preemie baby, Seth Benjamin, is now 2 years old! Where does time go? Looking at Seth today you could not tell that he started out so frail and small. God is so good! Seth has overcome his weight issues. Today he weighs about 30 lbs (give or take a pound or two). With the help of Early Childhood Intervention (ECI), he has overcome his physical delays. He took his first steps in August at 17 months. Now he doesn't walk, he RUNS everywhere! His language is improving with a little help as well. His vocabulary is expanding by the day. We are working on 2 word phrases with him now. Seth has his one year evaluation with ECI on Tuesday of this week. His case manager, Ms. Sallie, and his speech pathologist, Ms. Shelly, will be doing his evaluation.
Seth LOVES animals and LOVES making animal sounds. He started with just a few farm animals but now he has all sorts of animals he loves to imitate. He loves to play in his brothers' room. They don't like him playing in their room because they have to clean up after him! He loves looking at books. You know when Seth has been in Eli and Luke's room, when all the books are on the floor. He still has to have his pacifer. Our other boys had thrown their pacifers away by the age of 2. But Seth (and mommy and daddy) are addicted to it! We had him taking it just at nap times but the month of February has been a sickly month for the Dickey household. So Seth got his pacie more when he was sick and when Mommy didn't feel good. So now we will have to start the weaning process again! Seth is a bundle of joy and a bundle of energy! Everyone who is around him for very long always makes comments on how busy he is. He is never in one place for very long. Like I said earlier, he runs now....he doesn't walk!

We had a Barnyard themed party this past Saturday with family and a few friends. Seth enjoyed getting lots of attention.

The birthday boy with his party hat on. I knew he had too many pictures made with his party hat on, when he put one on Sunday afternoon and looked at me and said "Say Cheese"!

Luke's horns finally showing up! I knew they were there somewhere!

Karis and her Dora doll

The Barnyard Cake

I think he enjoyed the cake!

If you want Seth to be still for something, you have to strap him in!


Ashley & Chuck said...

Happy Birthday Seth! We enjoyed your party and your yummy cake!! We love you big boy!

Mary Ellen said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, 2 yrs. old. Time really does fly!

Donita said...

It is hard to believe that sweet little fellow is already two. The cake was so cute!! Happy Birthday Seth. We love you! Look for your BELATED card in the mail soon.